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A couple announcements of substance came in the form of a $56.2 million partnership with the Saskatoon Tribal Council. The money will flow to prevention activities that help keep families together, as well as a pilot aimed at gauging its effect. Another couple million dollars is earmarked for preserving Indigenous languages.

Nissan is coming to the Tokyo Auto Salon with its second Juke snowmobile conversion. Yep, one already exists, but doesn’t the Juke just beg to have tracks fitted to it? We jest, but this one sure looks a lot more extreme than the last one. The old one from 2015 was called the Nismo RSnow, and was entirely stock besides the tracks..

Based in Vancouver, he is one of the top music managers in the world.McBride has represented artists like Sarah McLaughlin, Avril Lavigne and Cold Play.”She sent me some music. I listened to the music. I didn’t even know that she was Chinese.” McBride told W5 in an interview.”I asked to meet for tea to talk about to find out where she was from.

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