[2][19][18]In 1951, Thomas was hired by Chicago’s WBKB TV (now

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canada goose jackets The article was published in the section of Life that relied heavily on graphic images and sparse explanatory text.[3] This was shown as the article included only a nearly full page photo, a small 115 word insert of text[3] at the bottom of the page and the headline, “Cyclist’s Holiday: He and Friends Terrorize Town.”[15][unreliable source?]The large photo, taken by Barney Peterson of the San Francisco Chronicle, shows a drunken man, sitting atop a Harley Davidson[15][unreliable source?] motorcycle, holding a beer bottle in each hand and surrounded by many other empty, broken bottles. The man was later identified as Eddie Davenport, a member of the Tulare Riders motorcycle club.[15][unreliable source?]However canada goose outlet, the reliability of the striking photo has been debated, as many sources say that it was staged.[11][unreliable source?][3][15] The photograph was taken by Barney Petersen of the San Francisco Chronicle.[1] The Chronicle did not run any images of the event. The bearded individual standing in the background of the photograph, Gus Deserpa, has said he is sure that the photograph was staged by Petersen, and gave the following account: “I saw two guys scraping all these bottles together, that had been lying in the street canada goose jackets.