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canada goose coats on sale Gary had his locked room ransacked but his insurance didn’t want to pay (Image: Getty)Get money updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy go to my site noticeMore newsletters Saving Expert Martin Lewis has a serious warning for anyone drinking alcohol on holidayBut Gary hit the first obstacle when they claimed he had not stored the valuables in an “adequately” secure safe or safety deposit box, as stated in their terms.When Gary questioned this he canada goose alternative uk was told that as thieves ripped the safe out it wasn’t secure enough.But he rightly pointed out the terms did not mention the word “adequately” and simply said valuables should be placed in a safe. They agreed and all looked well until three days later when canada goose jacket outlet uk he received a letter from the insurers.When insurers say “no” the most 6 common reasons travel claims are rejectedThey had decided his laptop was no covered and again quoted the terms and conditions.Gary checked them and once again went back to argue his case.He pointed out that “computers” were not covered for or damage” not for stolen. Remarkably, the agreed with Gary again.But this didn’t stop them trying to avoid paying up canada goose coats on sale.