And when looking for umbrellas for her guests (should they need

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canada goose black friday sale READ MORE:This couple is planning their wedding for under $10,000 here’s how they’re doing itCouples who had just gotten married were selling or renting wedding items from fake flowers to wedding gowns that looked like new but cost a fraction of their store price.Startup vendors would offer their services for far less than their established peers.And brides would exchange tips on anything from venues to vendors.WATCH:Find out how three couples managed to have a wedding with a $10,000 budget.More savings for Hofman came from scrolling through the posts of professional photographers.was surprised by the difference in price between the younger ones and some of the bigger names, she told Global News.READ MORE:These couples had $15,000, $35,000 and $85,000 weddings. What their big days looked likeThough she went for someone else who was a personal recommendation, she used her newly acquired insight into price ranges to negotiate a lower rate.And when looking for umbrellas for her guests (should they need one during the open air ceremony), Facebook pointed her toward the best deal in town: dollar stores.wanted all clear umbrellas for everyone so they would match cheap canada goose online in the photos, she said.It turned out local discount stores had just what she was looking for.READ MORE: Gift registry? Wedding bands? Here are the ‘traditions’ the wedding industry helped inventResellingHofman got married on June 17, but she still turning to the Facebook groups.She is planning to rent the wooden arbour that Dan and his cousin built for the wedding to other couples tying the knot this summer.And she is hoping to find buyers for a few leftovers, such as gift bags and wedding photo props.The couple would like to hang onto the love seat, but if they can find a good spot for it at home, they will resell that, too.Ideas and unique findsMost brides know to turn to Pinterest for wedding inspiration and unique buys, but Facebook can be a great resource as well, said Hofman.It was through the wedding groups that the couple found the local artisans who made canada goose youth uk their ring box and guest book.Hofman asked another craftsman she found on Facebook to engrave the clothes hangers that would carry her wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses.Moral supportUnlike Pinterest, Facebook also offers moral canada goose 3xl uk support, noted Hofman.going through Canada Goose Outlet the same thing, so it good to know that you not the only one panicking over your hairpiece, she said.Advice from those who just gotten married was particularly useful: down, remember the day, and don worry if something goes wrong. MORE:Millennials are spending a lot of money to go to weddingsWhat one wedding plannersays about Facebookweddinggroups and other swap and sell appsFacebook groups can be a treasure trove, saidLynzie Kent, owner of Toronto based Love by Lynzie, an events and wedding planning agency.READ MORE:Bunz community helps couple find officiant for wedding in Toronto airportKent will occasionally give away props from her own professionally designed events in exchange for a bottle of wine or a gift certificate on Bunz.get cool wedding decor for mega cheap canada goose black friday sale.