Despite that bizarre chorus, the heart of the story remains

Mixing your essential oil with a carrier oil is the most popular way of preparing aromatherapy products. It is also the easiest way to dilute essential oils in preparation for use. There are several choices of carriers; the most common are why not find out more vegetable oil, alcohol, water, and more rarely, vinegar.

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Back on land, you can listen to live music, explore a tide pool with the New England Aquarium, climb a rock wall, learn how to cast a fishing line with Mass Fisheries, and more. City dwellers can catch a live video presentation on a 15 by 27 foot screen on Boston Common on July 13, when the park hosts “Tanglewood in the City.” All you’ll need are lawn chairs or a blanket to enjoy the show, which will feature the music of Mozart, Wagner, and Schumann with Boston Symphony Orchestra assistant conductor Moritz Gnann and pianist Paul Lewis. The association will offer eight free ones through September two of which will happen in July.

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