, found themselves in a precarious legal position

It seems that with enough pressure. The “irreversable” bans have been reversed and the community members that have been affected have been returned their accounts. Whether WonderPlanet finally caved due to community pressure or the spectre that they were going to be hit with forced refunds by Apple/Google (or a combination of both) is unknown..

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Bathing Suits Trump has “vehemently denied the rape claims, which are being filed in a New York civil court for the third time,” BuzzFeed News reported. According to the suit, Trump allegedly had forcible sex with the plaintiff during a party at the New York City apartment of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile who is a billionaire. In June 2016, Jezebel reported that the coverage of the lawsuit was “the culmination of an almost year long campaign to quietly push these allegations into the public discussion, and maybe make some money in the process.”Kristin Anderson, who worked as a model and makeup artist in New York in the early 1990s, told the Washington Post that Donald Trump groped her when she found herself sitting next to him on a couch at a Manhattan nightclub Bathing Suits.