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Smaller stores with smaller staffing numbers The smaller store format means on average each store can be staffed effectively by 30 to 40 staff.The supermarket chain says the average shopper can finish their shopping in 27 minutes because of the size of its stores.Parents can save at Aldi with its massive baby and toddler specialbuy event3. Smaller range of products Aldi said it saves money by offering a “carefully selected range of products”.It said the total number of its product lines is 1,750 compared with another major supermarket of 40,000.For example, Aldi stocks only one variant of tomato ketchup vs other supermarkets who have 20 or so. Aldi will buy the product in large volumes and therefore have fewer overheads in terms of transporting the stock.It said this delivers huge savings for customers.Aldi hacks you need to know before heading to the supermarket4.

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