Products made by apple and Google

Canada Goose Parka “Many people of colour with what some might call ‘ethnic’ sounding names are already regularly advised to submit to job postings using only their initials,” said Ashley Lewis, the founder of Spark Makers, a Toronto based educational startup aimed at teaching young women technology skills.Gender always the 1st hurdle It’s worth pointing out that while Greathouse advises developing a gender neutral persona online, his advice is not for men, only women. In essence, the takeaway is to be successful in Silicon Valley, you need to be a man, or at least pretend to be one.Unfortunately, this attitude is all too common in the startup world. The recurring theme in conversations among women in the tech industry whether they are developers, product managers, educators or entrepreneurs is that their gender is always the first hurdle to overcome in any new tech job.Products made by apple and Google, above, ‘are consumed by all genders and must be created by a demographic that is representative of their audience,’ says Ashley Lewis, the founder of Spark Makers, a Toronto based educational startup aimed at teaching young women technology skills. Canada Goose Parka

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