Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back in the back of the bus

firebrand educator aims to reinvent schools in rural guatemala

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moncler sale WENSKI: I think they have certainly to play use their conscience. You know, there have been laws that are unjust laws, and people have defied unjust laws. Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back in the back of the bus, breaking the law. Facebook Twitter Pinterest InstagramSo, what’s a parent hack? It’s any tip, workaround, or bit of wisdom that makes your life as a parent a little easier. It can be as simple as putting the ketchup under your toddler’s hot dog to minimize the mess; trapping your baby into a forward facing carrier when you need to trim her fingernails; cheap moncler coats or stashing your wallet and keys in a clean disposable diaper at the beach, because who would ever poke through what looks like a used diaper?More from Parenting: 10 Creative Hacks to Make Family Travel EasierAnd when is the time you need hacks the most? The crazy toddler years! Those little tots are balls of energy constantly on the go, and sometimes the only way to keep up with them is to tweak how you do this or how you manage that. Here are some of my favorite tips for taking care of toddlers that I’ve featured on my site Parent Hacks and will be listed in my new book “Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life With Kids.” I hope they help!1 moncler sale.