She also threw away another $1

Hopefully, jurisdictions that do not have a religious instruction component in the curriculum will, notwithstanding, adopt something like the Australian model for moral education.The churches down here will continue to fight against ethics classes tooth and nail.It a disgrace that they even allowed to proselytise in government schools in the first place.What worse is that on top of the religious indoctrination classes, our atheist prime minister has pledged $222 million ($USD parity now) to employ chaplains in government schools. Instead of teachers, nurses or properly qualified counsellors.She also threw away another $1.5 million to celebrate Mary MacKillop canonisation. It makes me sick.The last comment that in the end the final decision rests with The Minister will be the decider is these classes continue.The current NSW Minister for Education is currently holding a marginal seat with a strong prospect of being beaten at the next State election in March 2011..

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