She’s not worried about a possible rivalry with the “Jersey

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Cheap Jerseys from china However, when much of the game is focused on niche heroes and counters, then I think the actual gameplay starts to break down a bit in more casual settings.Did you just decide to ignore the part of my post where league balance at higher levels of play is as bad, if not worse, than Dotas? And my post doesn prove your point, because your point is that Dota is imbalanced because of hero and item diversity, which paints the most incredibly simplistic picture of why there are actually balance “issues” in pubs.To go into further detail on this, out of the top win rate heroes right now, Underlord is the only hero right now with a win rate above 53% that is considered to be overpowered right now. Riki might be leaning that way as well, but that is to be seen. Am I actually supposed to believe that every hero sitting above 54% is extremely problematic? Fuck, Tiny has a 42% winrate in pubs but he is easily one of the strongest heroes right now, same with Pango and Tusk, lower winrates, but they are extremely strong heroes.You can simply boil it down to “wow look at these win rates these heroes are trash because item diversity and hero diversity.” That incredibly naive to believe that.And no, the game SHOULD be balanced around high levels of play. Cheap Jerseys from china

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