Sometimes they get short term results

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canada goose uk shop I have been a canada goose outlet toronto factory wife for a while. I have become mother just now. I am trying. Now you’re stuck at the side of the road, loaded down with luggage, and facing the stress of shelling out canada goose outlet near me on a taxi to get you to the airport.It could be even worse if you’re on a long drive in order to see family or friends. A drive from Plymouth to Edinburgh is testing at the best of times, but if your car is taken out of action in the Midlands, you’re in a tricky spot.Whether you go for a cab or a train, completing your journey will cost a packet and possibly your sanity as well.However, a new car insurance feature from Direct Line means that if this happens to you, the stress and cost of completing your journey will be removed.1,000 accidents a day ‘free’ onward travelDirect Line claims to be the first insurer to offer onward travel cover to anywhere in the UK, without any additional costs.Essentially, if you’re in an accident which leaves your motor undriveable, Direct Line will arrange a cheap canada goose bodywarmer taxi on your behalf to any destination in the UK. What’s more, you won’t pay a penny for the service.According to Direct Line’s research, on average 1,000 cars each day are involved in an accident that leaves them undriveable.Direct Line will also pay for your vehicle to be taken to the nearest suitable garage, and then returned to the registered address once it has been fixed.The nationwide launch follows a trial in various cities across the UK, including Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and London.Drivers who needed to make use of the taxi during the trial travelled an average of 43 miles in order to complete their journey.That’s roughly the equivalent of a trip from Liverpool to Stoke on Trent.Gus Park, managing director of motor at Direct Line Car Insurance, explained: “The last thing people need if they have been involved in an accident is to be left stranded in a vulnerable, or inconvenient location with no means to get to their destination. canada goose uk shop

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