The spokesman added: GMPolice has now taken control of the site

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replica hermes birkin 35 National Grid and the Health and Safety Executive have carried out tests on the main distribution pipes today following Tuesday’s explosion on Buckley Street, which destroyed four houses and damaged dozens more.A spokesman has now said the blast, which killed two year old Jamie Heaton and left 27 year old Andrew Partington with severe burns, was not caused by gas leaking from distribution pipes.Police are investigating whether the blast was started deliberately and National Grid has said they are continuing to work with them.A National Grid spokesman said: “National Grid has now completed its investigation into the explosion in Buckley Street.”The company can confirm that the incident was not caused by a leak from its gas distribution pipes. The Health and Safety Executive was on site during the testing of the gas pipes.”This now concludes the work of National Grid at the scene, but we will continue to co operate with any police investigation.”National Grid said they have best hermes replica have not yet been able to gain access to carry out checks on internal pipes, meters and gas appliances.The spokesman added: GMPolice has now taken control of the site and are treating it as a crime scene.”National Grid’s thoughts remain with the families of those who have suffered a loss look at here or injury in the incident.”Play with my Bob the Builder in heaven: Heartbreaking tributes to Shaw gas blast victim Jamie HeatonShaw explosion: First picture of injured resident Andrew PartingtonShaw explosion: Was gas blast which killed 2 year old Jamie Heaton triggered deliberately?Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterCheetham HillTwo men built a fence outside a house and fenced in their vanIt happened in Cheetham Hill last weekSir Alex FergusonSalford Royal Replica Hermes staff quizzed over claims they illegally accessed Sir Alex Ferguson’s medical recordsSir Alex was admitted to the hospital Hermes Replica Bags in May after suffering a brain haemorrhage. He underwent emergency surgery then spent time recovering on the wards. replica hermes birkin 35

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