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Activity Log Your page’s Activity Log is visible only to the page’s administrators. In the Activity Log you see every item you’ve shared on your page, as well as your info updates, comments you’ve made on both your page and other Facebook pages, posts by others, actions taken within apps you’ve installed, and even items you’ve marked as spam. In addition, when you create a Milestone or change the date on which a post appears in your Timeline, it appears in your Activity Log on the date it was posted, not the Timeline date..

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Paper boxes come in various degree of thickness. It ranges from 280 canada goose GSM to 550 GSM. However, it all depends on what you want for your packaging boxes. Maher’s work on “48 Hours”: The War in Chicago was honored with a Salute to Excellence Award from The National Association of Black Journalists. Her report on international adoption, “48 Hours”: The Lost Children, earned a 2010 Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio, Television Digital News Association (RTNDA).

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The Faculty of Arts and Science Protocol for Short Term Academic Consideration is intended to guide students admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Science, instructors, departmental and Faculty office staff, in situations where extenuating circumstances canada goose outlet woodbury are interfering with a student’s ability to complete academic requirements related to a course(s) for a short period of time not to exceed three months. This protocol was developed in response to the recently approved Senate Policy on Academic Consideration for Students canada goose emory parka uk in Extenuating Circumstances. (link is external).