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goose outlet canada The Gas Can Scam: These con artists often work large gas stations on busy highways or parking lots in shopping areas. They are usually well dressed, and carry a gas can. Their con game is a story about their family being stranded in a waiting car. This doesn’t mean that you need to bundle up in a ski jacket whenever you drive to the grocery store, but if you’re the sort of person who’s behind the wheel a lot (long haul truckers, road trippers, people driving to Alaska in an effort to escape the various factions vying for control of their soothsaying powers, etc.), it is recommended that you take a few basic precautions. Sunscreen is the canada goose factory outlet obvious solution, seasonally appropriate protective clothing helps too, and if you’re perpetually on the road because you’re a traveling encyclopedia salesman, then you can apply a film or tint canada goose outlet black friday to your window (if legal where you live; please do not cite advice you received on Cracked if you are arrested for suspicion of being a roving sex offender). What’s important to remember is that the sun is perpetually trying to kill you, even when you think you’re safe.. goose outlet canada

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