Very, very proud of me and what I did, representing Pakistan,

Product or service description should be clearly stated on the web pages. The benefits visitor is getting by using your services. Use content rich or long tail keywords. Very, very proud of me and what I did, representing Pakistan, representing my country.”I want to apologise to my father, who has always been a role model for me.”Westfield told the Mail he accepted Kaneria’s apology, saying: “This whole chapter of spot fixing changed my life, but I have never blamed anyone for the terrible mistake I made.”However, opening up about my wrongdoing and telling the truth allowed me to move on,” added Westfield.”I hope that Danish finds peace and closure by doing this, and I wish him all the best for the future.”Meanwhile, Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) legal advisor Taffazul Rizvi has said that Kaneria should’ve admitted his role in fixing scandal years ago.”Kaneria should have confessed six years back, now he can’t win in the presence of solid evidence,” Rizvi was quoted as saying by Geo TV on Thursday.”He did not listen to the PCB. The board spent so much money on defending him,” he said. “If Kaneria had confessed earlier it would have benefitted him.”.

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