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high quality replica handbags Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto was praised for his gracious response as he went through the excruciating experience of hearing he had lost his seat while on air.Mr Pesutto was on the cheap replica handbags ABC TV panel as the Coalition’s shocking results rolled in, and the huge swings to Labor were replicated in his blue chip Fake Designer Bags seat of Hawthorn.”You get a short time on the Designer Fake Bags stage in politics,” he said.”To the people of Hawthorn, I’m very grateful for the time they’ve given me.”Look back over our live coverage of the Victorian election as it happened.Labor’s John Kennedy was looking likely to win the seat, the first time Labor would have held Hawthorn since 1955.ABC election analyst Antony Green told the panel: “If the Labor Party is ahead in Hawthorn at any time on an election night you know there’s a remarkable swing going on.”Victorian election results Explore the results from every seat, as well as the latest count for the Upper House.Host Tamara Oudyn offered Mr Pesutto her commiserations and asked whether he had plans for the future, or if it was “too early to ask”.”The first thing you should do is Replica Handbags thank the people who elected you in the first place,” Mr Pesutto said.”It’s certainly, in the last four years, been a great honour to serve them and I hope I didn’t let them down in that way. To them watching, thank you so much.”As to me, it doesn’t matter.”We focus on what it means for us as politicians and what I’ve been trying to emphasise during the evening is it’s not about us. If we continue to make it about us that’s when you run into problems like this.”Mr Pesutto said despite its long Liberal history, he never regarded Hawthorn as a safe seat.”I was always concerned about it and campaigned like it was a marginal seat, an ultra marginal seat, so it isn’t a surprise to this extent,” he said.”But did I predict tonight? No, no. high quality replica handbags

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